Annual Research Review
Andrus Gerontology Center Auditorium, USC Campus
3715 McClintock Avenue, Los Angeles, CA

The first two days of Technology Week are devoted to our Annual Research Review (ARR). The ARR features presentations by CSE Principals and graduate students on their latest recent research results and tool capabilities through presentations and demonstrations. The ARR often includes a rollout of a new capability available to Affiliates. This year's ARR includes an Affiliates' panel providing perspectives on software engineering trends and implications for USC-CSE research. The second evening of the ARR involves a dinner meeting and feedback session with the Affiliates' Steering Group members.

The research results and tool capabilities to be presented this year include

The WinWin research project investigates collaborative and concurrent models for requirements engineering and design of complex software systems. Current development efforts on the project are focused on developing tools and environments that support the collaborative activity.

The WinWin Spiral Model uses Theory W (win-win) to develop software and system requirements, and architectural solutions, as win conditions negotiated among a project's stakeholders (user, customer, developer, maintainer, interfacer, etc.). The WinWin negotiation tool is a Unix workstation-based groupware support system that allows stakeholders to enter win conditions, explore their interactions, and negotiate mutual agreements on the specifics of the new project being contracted.

Annual Research Review Agenda:

Monday, February 8, 1999

7:30am  Continental Breakfast

8:15am Boehm-COCOMO®II.1999
8:45am Baik-COCOMO®II Tools Effects
9:15am Chulani-COQUALMO

9:45am Break

10:15am Abts-COCOTS
10:45am Brown/Fakharzadeh-CORADMO, Code Count
10:30am Discussion/Working Session

12:30pm Lunch

1:30pm Brown-COPROMO
2:00pm Egyed-UML View Integration
2:30pm Medvidovic-UML and C2

3:00pm Break
3:30pm Medvidovic-ADL Comparative Analysis
4:00pm Wile-ACME
4:30pm Balzer-Applications of Instrumented Connectors

Tuesday, Februrary 9, 1999

7:30am  Continental Breakfast

8:15am Boehm-Model Clashes and MBASE
9:00am Port-Requirements Simplifiers and Complicators
9:30am Lynch/Reese-Library View of Digital Library Projects

10:00am Break
10:30am In-WinWin Negotiation Analysis
11:00am Port-UML and MBASE
11:30am Abi-Antoun-MBASE Guidelines

12:00pm Lunch Demos

WinWin: Recent Extensions   COCOMO® II.1999
--Defense Application(Unix)
--Digital Library Application(Windows)
Distributed Collaboration and Prioritization Tool   COCOTS
Digital Library Application Prototypes   CORADMO, COPROMO
--Hispanic Archive, World War I Archive   CODECOUNT
Protocol Generation   Architect's Automated Assistant, DRADEL Architecture Tool

2:00pm Erdem-Tailored Explanations of Software
2:30pm Boehm-SE Decision Assistance

3:00pm Break
3:30pm Affiliates' Panel: Futures and University Research Priorities

Tony Jornando, SAIC
Fred Maymir-Ducharme, Lockheed Martin
Arnold Pittler, Motorola
Dennis Weiss, Lucent

5:30pm Steering Group Dinner/Meetinig