Tuesday February 8, 2000

USC-CSE Annual Research Review Agenda 

7:30 AM     Continental Breakfast 

8:15 AM      USC-CSE Highlights -Barry Boehm 

COCOMO® ll Presentations 
8:30 AM COCOMO® ll Book Overview-Barry Boehm 
8:55 AM COCOTS Update-Chris Abts 
9:20 AM Systems Dynamics Model-Ray Madachy 

9:45 AM     Break 

MBASE and WinWin
10:15 AM     MBASE Electronic Process Guide-Nikunj Mehta
10:40 AM     USC MBASE Project Perspectives-Ann Majchrzak
11:05 AM     Columbia MBASE Project Perspetives-Dan Port
11:30 AM     Easy WinWin-Paul Gruenbacher

12:00 AM     Lunch and Demos
Easy WinWin-Paul Gruenbacher
Ventana Group Systems-TBD
USC COCOMO®ll.2000 and TOOL extentions-Jongmoon Baik
COCOTS Prototype-Chris Abts
"Distributed Prioritization-Dan Port, Jung-Won Park"
SAAGE Achitecture Toolset-Neno Medvidovic
UML Analyzer- Alex Egyed
"CORADMO and COPSEMO-Winsor Brown, Cyrus Fakharzadeh"
COCOMO® ll Parameter Definitions- Brad Clark

Software Architectures
2:00 PM     ACME and Beyond-Dave Wile
2:25 PM     SAAGE-Neno Medvidovic
2:50 PM     UML View Integration-Alex Egyed
3:15 PM     Architectural Connectors-Nikunj Mehta

3:40 PM Break

New Directions
4:10 PM     Summer Internships-Winsor Brown
4:35 PM     Distance Learning and Certificate Programs-Ellis Horowitz
5:00 PM     MBASE and Benefits Realiztion-Barry Boehm

5:30 PM     "Affiliates' Steering Group Reception, Dinner, and Feedback Session"