Thursday February 10, 2000

7:30 8:00AM         Continental Breakfast

8:00 8:15AM         Day 1 Summary/Day 2 Intro 
                                John Foreman and SEI/USC team 

8:15 9:55AM         Spiral Experience Presentations 
                                - Dorothy McKinney, Lockheed Martin 
                                - Bob Rassa, Raytheon
                                - Larry Bernstein, Have Laptop, Will Travel 
                                - Anne Willhite, Mitre

9:50 10:10AM        Break

10:10 11:30AM Spiral Experience Presentations 
                            - Larry McKee, Mitre 
                            - Tom Bostelaar, TRW
                            - Rami Razouk, Aerospace

11:30 11:40AM     Move to respective breakout groups

11:40AM 5:30PM Breakout Group Discussions and Findings 
                                (including working lunch)

Breakout Group 1: Spiral Development/Evolutionary Acquisition
Breakout Group 2: Integrating Software and Systems
Breakout Group 3: Changing Role of Requirements 
Breakout Group 4: Institutional Challenges
Breakout Group 5: Process Issues

5:30 6:30 PM (Notional) Planning for next day; TBD who involved

6:30 PM and on Dinner and WG activities, per the needs of each WG