USC CSE Affiliates Program: 1999 Calendar

USC Center for Software Engineering
Affiliates' Program: 1999 Calendar

Updated 9/7/1999

Feb - 1999

COCOMO® SCM/14 Call For Participation Jan - Dec 1999.USC professor visits to Affiliates

Jan - Dec 1999.

LA SW Process Improvement Network (SPIN) meetings 5:30-8:30pm; Wed. before the last Fri. of month; at USC-ISI

February 8-12, 1999.

USC-CSE Technology Week, USC.

May 1999.

Annual Affiliates Renewal.

May 16-22, 1999.

ICSE 99, LAX Marriott.

August 24-25, 1999.

NSF Software Strategies Workship

October 26-29, 1999.

COCOMO® and Software Cost Modeling International Forum/Focused Workshop.

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