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Focused Workshops and Knowledge Summaries

Updated 10/20/1998

Focused workshops and knowledge summaries enable an Affiliate organization of the USC Center for Software Engineering to multiply its expertise in critical software engineering areas, and to receive the enhanced expertise in codified form considerably in advance of non-Affiliate organizations. Examples of such critical software engineering issues and areas are:

These are example topics of research in the USC Center for Software Engineer's research program. The focused workshops are a way to expedite generation of research results for the graduate students and professor, while expediting knowledge transfer to the Affiliates' organizations.

The typical focused workshop operates as follows:

After the Knowledge Summary is complete, the USC professors and students will proceed to expand and refine the results into candidate method improvements and prototype automated aids. Affiliates will then have the opportunity to experiment with the methods and tools, provide feedback to the researchers, and participate in the improvement of the results.

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